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BREAKING!!! Coronavirus Patient Dies In Ebonyi State ;Says Umahi

...Orders closure of courts, testing of judicial workers.

The efforts of the Ebonyi State Government in the COVID-19 war has none the less yielded positive results as there is regular testing of COVID-19 cases in the state with a view of curbing the spread and treatment as well.

From regular surveillance at the border areas of the state to subjecting those returning from COVID-19 epicenter to thorough medical screening to guard against transmission to the establishment of various holding and treatment centres; these measures have dealt a death blow to the virus in Ebonyi State.

However, the state has lost one person to the pandemic.

Governor David Umahi  directed for the immediate closure of all the courts in the state and the testing of all judicial workers to know their Covid-19 status.

He also directed the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC to provide COVID-19 protocols training for all the judicial workers.

He also frowned at the flouting of NCDC COVID-19 protocols by some churches and markets, warning, should the ugly vogue continues, he will be left with no option than to close down churches and markets.

While calling for calm, he stressed the need for strict adherence to all the pandemic protocols such as wearing of facemasks, social distancing, and regular hand washing.

Recall that the Governor had relaxed the ban on worship centres and recently ordered for speedy renovation and conversion of the 13 General Hospitals in the state to COVID-19 Treatment Centre and Elinwovbu General Hospital, Amagu Abakaliki was recently commissioned for treatment of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases recently.

" Please ensure you observe all the COVID-19 protocols. You may not be showing any symptoms, the reason is that your immune system is fighting it. The weaker person who may have been infected is our concern and it is our duty to protect such persons. It's our job to protect everyone in Ebonyi State.

"It is unfortunate we have lost one person due to this COVID-19. We have recorded one death and it makes me so sad. The Unity Square treatment center is packed out, and even the Virology Centre.

"We have moved ahead to renovate the Elinwovbu General Hospital, Abakaliki to COVID-19 Treatment Centre. It is fully equipped with ultrasound, mobile x-ray, theatre, and all the NCDC protocols.

"I have directed that all the courts, Magistrate court, the Customary Court; State High Court and the Federal High Court should be shut down for the next 10 days effective from today. I have directed for fumigation of all the courts.

"I want to advise the churches, the markets, and other members of the public to take this message seriously. Sanitizers yourself regularly. Wear your face masks properly. We are also working on new facemasks that you give you more air but will give you greater protection from the virus. I have directed the Vocational College to get me some samples this morning.

"We are not considering closing down churches, religious centers, and the markets, but we advise them to take this matter seriously. We will close down any religious centers or markets that will continue to violate these protocols.

"We are seriously working on the renovation of all the 13 General Hospitals in the state for the Covid-19 treatments in the state. It is not easy, but we must do it. Don't be afraid, just keep your faith in God and obey all the Covid-19 protocols".

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