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Ebonyi Now A New City Under Gov. Umahi's Administration

...From Vision To Reform And Now Transformation

The quest for quality, credible, and effective leadership is an age-long one. Its enormity of benefits has made man defied odds in search of a leader that will place the burnings of the masses on the front row when far-reaching policies and decisions are taken. From all indications, taste and desire for purposeful leadership are inherent in man. And until such is achieved, man will keep searching.

The scramble for the partition of Africa which culminated in the nationalist resistance against foreign domination and subjugation, one hand, the burning desire for indigenous leadership as against the former on the other hand, led to mass resistance -which eventually birthed Independence that ushered in freedom and flexibility in governance to the aborigines.
This work does not intend to take you through historical scenes, rather bring to your awareness of how the supplications to God were answered through the installation of the Divine Mandate administration in Ebonyi State.

You may recall that the people currently occupying the geopolitical landmass now known as Ebonyi State like the ancient Israelites have a chequered history. From old Eastern to, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, and recently Abia state, it has been one form of dominations, embarrassment, and brazen neglect. This utter dereliction of social covenant was characterized by guinea worm, erosion of values, and a dearth of infrastructure.

The essence was either to get the then Ebonyi man out of his mind, or out of town, whichever comes first. One writer painted a grotesque picture of the post-democratic era of Ebonyi "they are known for nothing, it was a guinea worm- ravaged location". He added, "no facilities save their salt capable of taking the people to the global market - they were uninformed, with trappings Dark ages".

The rest is history. Through providential intervention, the late Sani Abacha finally, in 1996 gave the people their present location - thus opening new vistas of opportunities for the state. A new Ebonyi which came into existence effective May 29th, 2015 began with a conscious effort with the benefits of hindsight to rewrite the ugly history of the people and change the narrative.

The state of emergency declared on infrastructure in the state by Governor David Umahi, was billed strip off the raiment of anonymity and make it visible to would-be investors. That was the forthrightness of Umahi.
The faced off facilities, stadium, markets were replaced with new ones. That done. The state of emergency was extended to the construction of flyovers/ rural development with a view of urban decongestion.

In the areas of human capital development which is a major driver of economic growth and development, the Governor has invested hugely. Same with his industrialization drive -Waster Recycling Plant - plans which had reached an advanced stage, to establish clusters of integrated technology hubs otherwise called Smart City.

The ultramodern medical institute designed to attract medical tourism into the state and the Ebonyi industrial clusters, spread across the 3 zones of the state will provide over 300,000 direct and indirect jobs for our people.

From the rear, Ebonyi State has occupied front rows in the comity of states. The narrative has changed. It is not just an investor's preferred destination, but the fastest growing city in the West African subregion. Everywhere is Ebonyi. It is the only state with massive concrete roads in the whole of West Africa!

In the midst of these interventions, it is regrettable to note that some beneficiaries of these facilities have continued to throw tantrums on the person of the divine mandate Governor, David Umahi.

At their gathering, these ungrateful elements, with their warped view, discredit his effort forgetting so soon the condition of Ebonyi, prior to Governor Umahi's adminstration that ushered in good governance which they are key beneficiaries.

Some whose overzealousness overtook their sense of reasoning met a brick wall. To stay afloat in the scheme of events, they took to social and conventional media to fault the governor. These strange bedfellows, most of whom were lifted from cesspools to where they're have vowed to pillory Umahi's image..

It is high time the people rise in defense of this god-fearing administration in Ebonyi State.

The democratic dividends delivered to us is for us all and we must show gratitude.

Francis Nwaze
Special Assistant to the Governor
(Media and Publicity)
15th June 2020

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