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Ebonyi State Now Home For Both Local And Foreign Investors

By Francis Nwaze

The greatest undoing in the eyes of development pundits is shortsightedness, that is, the inability to see opportunities for both short, medium, and long term investments. Those with foresight and hindsight foray into the minutest locations with the belief you may still hope that in no distant future, such remote locations will become a goldmine. Microscopic few are associated with uncommon traits.

History is replete with stories of men with uncommon pursuits entering seemingly impossible missions and ended up conquering such places. Christopher Columbus in 1492, Italian explorers - Amerigo Vespucci 1523, and Ferdinand Magellan, who between 1519-1522 made inroads into what is today known as America will forever be known in history as seers -for entering where could then rightly be described as horrendous human caves! Today America is named after America Vespucci!

As the 21st Century is fast winding down, relocating from other states in the country for investments in any areas of human endeavor is the beginning of wisdom. How did I know this?

Modern investors unlike ancient explorers, look for a peaceful location for investment because hostilities endanger economic growths. Ebonyi State, under, the current administration of Governor David Umahi, FNSE, FNATE prides herself as the most peaceful and secured state, not just in Nigeria, but sub-Saharan Africa!

The creation of the Neighborhood Watch -security network that roots out criminals from their den and warren have made it possible for people to sleep with their eyes closed. No more kidnappings and ritual killings in the state. The spread of its NSW with presence in the 171 electoral wards in the state has warded off crimes. Ebonyi State is naturally endowed with natural resources -led, salt, gold, bitumen, tar, and sharp sands. Miners can take advantage of it. The Ebonyi State Government has already incentivized it - thereby making it easier for investors!
The Umuoghara Waste to wealth Plant, sitting on 200 hectares recycles biowastes into various products for industrial and domestic use. With over 15,000 direct and indirect jobs, already created, by the plant, the state is burgeoning with economic activities -a critical requirement needed by any investor! The state, you may wish to know is the only state in Nigeria that has established and run pipe production company-exporting pipes to other neighboring countries and regions.

The International Market, which hosts buyers and sellers from Niger, Cote devoir, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameron, Ghana, Togo,  Dubai, China, and some European countries, the state becomes the most sought after investment hub of the 21st century. The market patterned after the Tsukiji Fish Market, in Tokyo, Viennese Christmas Market, Vienna Austria, and Grand Bazaar, Istanbul Turkey is an infrastructural masterpiece of the millennium - housing university, secondary, nursery schools, and worship centers, with facilities for night trading.

Another facility put in place by Governor Umahi led Ebonyi State, is the ongoing construction of the Ebonyi State International Airport which has arguably opened the state's airspace to the wider world. The Airport when completed will help investors to get in and out of the state. This bears the signature of a leader with foresight.

More so, the Ebonyi State International Stadium - social cynosure which hosts international sports festivals is a crowd-pulling facility.

Governor Umahi during his routine intrastate project inspection tours observed that the Southeast geopolitical zone does not have an international stadium with capacity for large tournaments, hence the urgent need to construct one. In other words, Ebonyi is prepared to host the world in no distant future.

For those interested in agro-allied businesses, the Ebonyi State Government has already enacted policies, such as the One Man One Hectare Policy, the loans disbursed to farmers and a vast array of roads for easy ferrying of agric produces from the various farmsteads to the capital for export purposes since the airport which has opened international routes are functional!
It might interest you to know that the state hosts various federal government schools -Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Federal Polytechnic, Federal College of Agriculture, Federal College of Education, Federal Government Vocational College, Federal Government College, and Federal Government Girls College.

This explains why the state is associated with scholarships and its presence has attracted people from various ethnicities to the state. Of course, you know the implication of this!

The newly completed Ebonyi Shopping Mall has Asian tigers -Indian and Chinese investors taking over some sections of the Mall for various multi-purpose -some manufacturing -domestic and industrial wars- others warehouse.

The state government has not reneged on the promises of revamping the agricultural subsector with its value chains for food security -the state currently ranks the first in food security -Abakaliki rice, now the most sought after recipe.

With Ebonyi State as the fastest-growing state with limitless opportunities for investments, would you rather choose Ebonyi State as your investment destination?

Francis Nwaze Is A Special Assistant To Governor David Nweze Umahi On
Media and Publicity

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