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Governor Dave Umahi, The Pride Of The Southeast

...... As He Emerges One of The 8 Most Influential Politicians ln Nigeria.

We join the men and women of goodwill, lovers of excellence and the entire people of the southeast, irrespective of our political divides, in celebrating one of their own, His Excellency, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state, who was shortlisted as one of the best performed and performing state chief executive in Nigeria. This is a no mean feat coming from the record-setting and infrastructure Governor of the hitherto poverty-stricken, overlooked, marginalized, guinea worm-infested, educationally backward, dirty, dusty, and last created state of the southeast. That this great news is coming at one of the most difficult times in our modern history, with heightened insecurity and uncertainty, is a very welcome development and big consolation.

Umahi is the only Governor of the southeast states who made the list and going by the available statistical data of all development indices, he has himself to beat to emerge the best in the final exercise slated for later in the year.

On record is that Gov Umahi has transformed Ebonyi from what was a very backward state, to a leading frontline state in the country. This is in terms of physical infrastructure, economic vibrancy to human capital development, and a model for Nigeria. He achieved these and more with little or nothing as internally generated revenue, IGR, but largely relied on the meager federal monthly allocation, financial prudency, and good planning. He has offered selfless service to the people through the direct labor work method with the state ministry of works as the biggest contractor in Ebonyi.

A close look at the states who made the final list of  8, based on receipts from the federal allocation for the period of January to April 2020, clearly indicates that Ebonyi state received the least amount, but is leading in most of the areas surveyed.

The table below, in the order of who received what, among the 36 states of the federation and Abuja, tells the rest of the story;
During the period under review, Jan to April 2020;

1. Delta State got a total of N87.26b.
2. Lagos state N70.36b.
3. Rivers state N70.26b.
8. Kaduna state N39.25b.
9. 0yo state N37.26b.
11. Bornu state N36.80b..
15. Edo state N31.44b. And
33. Ebonyi state N22.56b.

Additionally, all the states listed, especially Lagos state generated so much from IGR, while Ebonyi ranks the least on the table and likewise in the country.

Ebonyi in practical terms leads the pack. For example, where Delta, Lagos, or Rivers states, with over 80b, 70b, and 70b respectively were able to build 100 km each, if within the same period covered, Ebonyi being able to build 25 km, emerges tops in that category. Ebonyi leads in the length & quality of roads built across the state, in the last 5 years.
Gov Umahi has built more flyovers than the rest of the competition combined. Investment in education and health care is second to none. Abakaliki, the state capital is presently the most modern, developing beautiful city in Nigeria. It has more lighting systems and water fountains than all other cities, outside Lagos and Abuja, put together.

Workers and pensioners are paid promptly and as at when due. Workers in Ebonyi are even paid the 13th month or Christmas bonus, every December. Civil servants and farmers are given loans to establish and expand their farms respectively and this has witnessed a phenomenal increase in food production in the state.

All these are done from the federal allocation we saw on the table and forms the basis for the assessment.

It is very amazing how Gov Umahi has been able to achieve so much in less than 6 years in office, leaving behind, all the other older states in the southeast, some of who receive from the 13% derivation fund as oil-producing states.

As we patiently wait for the final exercise that will produce the eventual winner and best performed Governor in the country, the statistics and achievements on ground, indicate that Gov Umahi is cruising home with victory.

Everything we hear or see on videos about Ebonyi state is true. We can only thank Gov Umahi for making us proud while urging other leaders to follow in his footsteps.

Rev. Kenneth Ubochi.

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