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"Tinubu Will Vomit Everything He Has Stolen" - Bode George Spits Fire!

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West, Bode George, has lambasted the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu.

Speaking in an interview monitored by 247REPORTERSTV, Bode George tackled Tinubu, saying that he will vomit everything he has stolen and the day of reckoning is here.

He noted that what is happening  to Tinubu is a judgment of God. 

He said : "What is happening to Tinubu is a judgment of God. You think you can appropriate the whole country’s resources like he did in Lagos state to your own family? It cannot work.Tinubu thinks he can grab everything with his teeth but they have removed all his teeth."

"What about Alpha Beta? Who is still collecting the money for Alpha Beta? Yet he said he wants to alleviate the sufferings of the people? Let him bring out all our money in Alpha Beta since year 2000 till date. The managing director of Alpha Beta who ran away said they owed him N40b. That money alone would have taken care of millions of poor people in Lagos today. Enough of this brigandage and classic example of greed."

"I have always said Tinubu will vomit everything he has stolen and the day of reckoning is here. Only Almighty God can reign yesterday, today and forever. No one else can attain that height. For me, when you start seeing the signal, if he is a very clever person, he will recall himself and have a deep introspection. If he thinks he can run Nigeria the way he did to Lagos, he is making a mistake. The local government secretariat of Ikoyi/ Obalende was formerly on Glover Road in Ikoyi but he converted the place to his own and moved the local government to Obalende beside the cemetery. He made the daughter the Iyaloja of Lagos."

"How can Iyaloja of Lagos be from Iragbiji?. She, on her part went and locked up Computer Village, insisting that she must be paid certain amount of money. The son is the one getting all public advertisement contracts for Lagos at the moment. You need to see the son’s convoy, you will think it’s the President that is moving. For how long will this continue? We came into this world naked and we will leave naked. Nobody will leave with anything no matter how much wealth you have amassed for yourself while in existence."

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