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Is it not shameful on your part? Would you be kissing and vomiting at the same time?

You complained that the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi, FNSE, FNATE is doing  so much on infrastructure - he is constructing several roads, building pedestrian crossing, flyovers, ecumenical center, international airport, stadium, waste to wealth recycling plan, international market, industrial clusters, etc. But you still shamelessly post a track road leading to your house and drawing the attention of the state government to construct the same. What are you? Who are you? What do you want?

Why don't you ignore the road and ask the governor to come and share the money among the dwellers of the area?

It is not a hidden fact that Governor Umahi has transformed Ebonyi beyond what it used to be, 'the Dust of the Nation', we must acknowledge this fact which is being celebrated across the country; encourage the governor before asking for more.

When Governor Umahi came with the road construction technology of 8 inches concrete base, many complained that it is an untrusted technology but as of today, the technology has outlived 5years and still standing as it was just yesterday. This is against the many roads which were constructed by the past administrations but now a death trap for the motorist.

Some Indigenes of one of the southeast states requested that Ebonyians should exchange their roads with theirs while they will still add some change on top or they should exchange governor.

Before you post the road leading to your house and drawing the attention of the state government to it, change your ways, purge yourself from politics of bitterness, and appreciate what his excellency has done so far.

God bless you.

Francis Nwaze
Special Assistant to the Governor
(Media and Publicity)

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