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Gov. Umahi: Busy, Developing Ebonyi State, Cannot Be Distracted By Disgruntled Individuals - Nwaze

. ..As Ebonyians In Diaspora Keep Identifying Themselves Because Of Umahi's Developmental Strides

My attention has been drawn to a news making the round on the media with a heading, "2023: Umahi’s crisis threat comments provocative, should be probed – AESID",  the above headline and its content smack of laughter even as the writer was unable to substantiate his claim against Governor David Umahi - a government that rode to power through public goodwill.

The writer who hides under the Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes In Diaspora, AESID, has for over 50 months tried unsuccessfully to mobilise and pit the peace-loving people of Ebonyi State against his people whom they overwhelmingly elected in 2015 and reelected in 2019.


Why his vile machinations have serially and continually met brick walls especially against the chiefly good governance of His Excellency Engr. David Umahi who has enthroned in the state -from the massive galaxy of infrastructure that serrates the length and breadth of the state, to the upgrading of the identity of every Ebonyi man, including the writer.


Since when has Ebonyi Project become of utmost importance to him? If Ebonyi State was still in its dark days, will Oluchukwu and his co-travellers be bold enough to raise eyebrows? By now, he would have continued to remain in the diaspora without attempting to identify himself as an Ebonyian. Oluchukwu should have realised that his attempt in his warped imagination is important, but to Ebonyians who are chief beneficiaries of good governance, such is not important enough.


Ebonyians already know Oluchukwu who has acquired notoriety in hitting up the polity as he has never hidden his frustration and always determined to play the ostrich.

For the purpose of clarity, Governor David Umahi - a peace-loving Governor evidenced in the restoration of lasting peace in war-torn areas of the state - Ezza-Ezilo, Ikwo-Izzi, Headsmen / Farmers reconciliation, the establishment of the Neighbourhood Watch, etc, cannot sponsor crises, violence and terror as alleged by the disgruntled Pascal Oluchukwu.


During the just concluded PDP state Congress - the event he quoted, Governor Umahi chided party faithful to be peace-loving, saying those hell-bent in sponsoring crises will be, as the karma law, greeted by one crisis, too many, urging those with such evil intent to have a rethink of such unholy undertakings. 

The Governor continued, "there is nobody who wants to contest election in Ebonyi State that will not have the freedom to contest.

"Our process has been anchored on transparency and our next process is going to be what is called transparency. Transparency has and will remain our watchword."

It is rather unfortunate that Pascal Oluchukwu could not take advantage of the conducive socio-economic of our dear state, albeit, our country and be meaningfully engaged than dissipating energy pillorying governor Umahi that has penned his name in gold.

While the governor has not and does not have the intention of muzzling activists and civil society organisations, however, Oluchukwu should exercise restraints in his ignominious, opprobrious and disgraceful outings.

*Francis Nwaze is the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity

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