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Ikwechegh At 40 Embarks On 3-Day Back To Back Palliative Fiesta (Video)

A  renowned Nigerian Philanthropist, Sir Alex Mascot Ikwechegh has consistently shown decorum, class and humanitarian disposition, though he has not held any political position since leaving office 10 years ago as the youngest elected Local government Chairman in Nigeria at 27.

To commemorate his birthday, IGBERE TV learnt, he has opted to share palliatives to the people from his personal accruals. The palliatives will run from 24th of August to 26th as follows:

On the 24th August, palliatives will be disbursed from

a. Saint Peter’s Anglican Church Aba,

b. Akoli Road Primary School Aba

c. Ogbor Hill Primary School Aba

d. Boys Technical School Osusu Aba

e. Saint Peters Catholic Church Omuma Road Aba.

f. Igbere Secondary school, Bende,

By 2pm prompt.

While on the 25th of August, by 10 am, Kerosene will be disbursed at

1. Elveris Oil Ohanku and Elveris oil Obohie.

2. Fred Ikye oil Uratta Road Aba.

3. Cozanic oil Ama Ogbonna Aba

4. Forte Oil Igbere Bende.

And on that 26th of August, Cash gifts will be proffered to widows, and the disadvantaged in society. This will happen from 2.00 pm prompt from Okigwe Road Primary School Aba.


As one of the notable young leaders that have emerged in Abia and Nigeria as a whole Chief Alex Ikwechegh has shown what leadership should be; he has supported both citizens and leaders of Aba North and Abia State as a whole, he has given benevolently to the disadvantaged consistently, and has shown that the Youths are the future of Nigeria with positive governance initiatives. As such, we call on all youth full leaders of Abia State in particular to emulate these positive leadership examples and ensure we self guard the future of our State. The only way to achieve that is by consistently focusing on citizens and our upgrades no matter whose ox is gored.

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