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JUST IN!!! Comr. Agi Commends AGF For Approving Probe Of International Oil Companies

. ...... describes it as first of its kind, a land mark historical events, as its unfolds in Nigeria.

The National Coordinator, Comrade Agi Bestman, on IOCs Land Grabbing, MOU, CSR, Implementation Report investigation as approved by the Honourable Minister of Justice/Attorney General of Federation, Abubakar Malami, has described the Honorable Minister as the Messiah, Hope  of Niger Delta Host Communities and Families.

Comr. Agi Bestman Who kicked off families and communities stake holders consultation and sensitization visits, lamented over the deplorable states of the host families and Communities, despite 60% counter part funding, Joint Venture Assets, JVA Cash Call, which is part of Federal Government of Nigeria contribution for the development of the host Communities and Families in the region.

Comr. Agi Bestman  who visited various communities for proper identification of host families and communities that these IOCs grabbed their lands for over five (5) decayeds in the region, lamented over the deplorable states of these host families and communities. 

He further said that the major producing families and communities that the IOCs grabbed their lands can't afford a good meal to eat in a day, and they don't have formal  recognition and communications with these IOCs, as it has been hijacked by top politicians in the region.

The coordinator who visited Nigeria Agip oil company flow station landlords located in Bayelsa state Osifo flow station Sagbarma LGA, he further said that he shaded tears when he saw Ugoro John families. This family gave Nigeria Agip oil company over 90 hectares of lands without benefits. 

The coordinator who also visited Shell Petroleum  Development Company (SPDC) Tunu oil flow station in Bayelsa state Amabulou Ekeremor LGA,  broke into tears when he saw the head of the host families that gave SPDC over 110 hectares of lands, he told the landlords that he is here to take note and revalidate the real landlords in the Niger delta region. 

The worst scenario, was a case of a man from River state, one Dr Mpi former ODM in NAOC who advised Nigeria Agip oil company that a 15million dollars budget meant for CSR shld be utilized for its purposes, in  developing the region, but the management of NAOC transfered him out of the CSR department and forcefully retired him for his patriotic advise for the development of the region. Agi cried  and described NAOC as MAFIA group, buttressing that NAOAC MAFIA approach will not stand any more in Nigeria. Mr Agi said his family alone Umu Aye Family gave Total E&P Nig Ltd over 200 hectars of land, all efforts to enter into agreement over the land grabbing, proved abortive in 2006. He said recently there were cases of deaths in Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Govt Area in Rivers State, in NAOC premises in Omoku due to peaceful demand of accurate and full MOU Implementations, but the peaceful protesters lost their lives based on the orders of shoot aside.

 The coordinator also said that Total alleged to have spent 28 billion naira in Egi Kingdomb/w 2012 to 2017 MOU, but when the disbanded SPIP team arrived Egi Kingdom to ascertain where and how the 28 billion was expended, Total team led by the EGM Govt Relations Olalere Babasola and One Mr Okechukwu Obara ran away, refused to receive the Disbanded SPIP Investigation team, on the fear of arrest. He thanked the AGF for the fresh directive he gave over the 28 billion Egi matter with Total E&P Nig Ltd, Agi said that the covid-19 measures is affecting the implementation of AGF directives on Egi 28 billion matter urging Egi people to be calm. Mr Agi commends the MD/CEO of Total E&P Nig Ltd for suspending some managers in Total in respect to MOU budget fraud, tasking other IOCs Managing Directors to emulate from Total MD. He is also thanking the MD of Total, for the new GM CAD/Projects, the new MOU Manager, new Community Affairs manager, Agi described it as a well come development and better approach in  achieving a better  MOU CSR Implementations in Total.

He said "What a country that foreigners have power than its citizens.

The coordinator aggressively  comdemed the activities of NAOC, Sterling Oil Exploration, and SPDC, describing them as the most harmful and horrible IOCs in Niger Delta Region. He said most of these IOCs have bragged  that each IOCs in Nig is richer, bigger than Federal Govt of Nig. Insisting that they are not pertubed over the said probes. He further said that the IOCs usually brag that  Nigerian judiciary is in their Palm. That Nigerian judiciary only needs money for the IOCs to secure a restraining orders against any arms of government trying to investigate their activities in Nigeria. The Coordinator hereby appeal to Nigerian judiciary to be watchful over the request of any IOCs in getting restraining orders against this land grabbing probe.

According to Agi,"From our consultation visits, we discovered that all the IOCs do not have land Acquisition agreement either on sell or leasing with host Families and  Communities."

"These IOCs do not pay tenancy rents annually, they are owing the host families Communities tenancy rents for over five (5) decayeds. Most of the IOCs do not have MOU with her host Communities from inception of their oil exploration in the region." The coordinator said when he saw Sterling Exploration and Production sites in Delta State, he described the company as Advanced  Bonkery Firm.

On the area of revalidation of perimeter survey on all

(1) Flow Stations 

(2) Pipe lines

(3) Oil well heads

(4) Based camps etc 

Agi said it is necessary and urgent to ascertain the hectares of lands acquired by all the IOCs, as it will enhance the Investigations. The coordinator said a letter will be dispatched soon to all IOCs for the revalidation perimeter survey exercise  to kick off by February in the region, and i will submit the report to the Federal Ministry of Justice. It is extremely ridiculous that all the IOCs do not have Certificate of Occupancy, or Right of Ownership, blaming the state governments over these developments bcoz these IOCs acquires these lands with state government political machineries. 

 "These companies do not have respect, regard, honour, for Nigerian extent laws, and it is shameful and pitiful to all Nigerians as we have to stand against this humiliation." 

The Coordinator said he has 98% trust on President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration and AGF Malami over their doggedness on fight against  corruption in Nigeria since 2015, hoping that the IOCs without Right of Ownership and Certificate of Occupancy will face the penalties based on the extent laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria, and all MOU CSR ghost projects submitted to NAPIMS will be exposed for Nigerians and International Communities to see.

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