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9News Nigeria publisher, Mr Obinna SMOG Ejianya celebrates his 50th birthday

The CEO of Obix Technology and publisher of Nigeria's favourite news source, 9News Nigeria Mr Obinna SMOG Ejianya has turned 50 today 22nd February 2021.

The Information Technology entrepreneur and philanthropist took to his official Twitter account @Obinna_Ejianya to share his appreciation to God Almighty for seeing him through the thick and thin of life up until this 50th year of his life.

He tweeted: "I want to thank God Almighty who has kept me alive and has been seeing me through in all spheres of my life, in good times and bad times. Without God, I'm sure we wouldn't have made it thus far. So I owe all glory, appreciation and thanksgiving to Him alone. Thank you, Lord God Almighty, for your grace and mercy towards me and my family. In Jesus name, I give thanks, Amen."

According to 9News Nigeria correspondent, Mr Obinna Ejianya will be celebrating his 50th birthday at the Motherless babies home and orphanage somewhere in Lagos, South-West Nigeria.

Mr Obinna Ejianya is a Nigerian resident in Australia where he founded 9News Nigeria, a media brand owned by Obix Technology. He is also the publisher of MyLife Nigeria, an entertainment and lifestyle online broadcasting platform covering entertainment, fashion and styles, as well as showcasing the life of top celebrities in Nigeria and Africa.

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