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Comrade Agi Bestman Blasts CEO Of SHELL, Exposes How He Is Sponsoring Pipeline Vandalization

Comrade Agi Bestman has lambasted the Chief Executive Officer of SHELL, Ben Van Beurden, exposing how he Is sponsoring vandalization of Pipelines connecting to Nigerian Refineries.

The Honourable Minister of Justice Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami SAN, approved a petition filed by Agi Bestman in respect to IOCs land grabbing and none implementation of MOU CSR in the Niger Delta Region.

The petitioner, Comrade Agi, who doubles as the National Coordinator of Niger Delta IOCs Land Grabbing MOU CSR Investigation accused the Chief Executive of Royal Dutch SHELL, Ben Van Beurden of being responsible and sponsoring pipe line vandalization and monopolizing Nigerian Oil and Gas daily production volume in the United Kingdom and Netherlands for the past five decades, calling for 30 million man match with t shirts against SHELL to finally divest from Nigeria, and be replaced by Chinese oil and gas production company because Chinese Government is continually lending money to Nigeria for development but the United Kingdom does not want Nigerian development.

Agi, described Ben Van Beurden statement against the people of Niger Delta region as baseless, ridiculous, tramp.

He noted that Shell has regularly ensured that Nigerian Refineries do not work just to invoke hardship in the Niger Delta region, to enable the IOCs give our people peanut as contract to work against federal government of Nigeria by vandalizing pipelines connecting to Nigeria refineries.

Agi, said all the IOCs send her daily oil and gas production volume report to SHELL in the UK, Netherlands for doctoring, before they send to a production statistics metering company in Lagos, before the company sends to NNPC at the the end of the month.

Agi said each IOCs produces not less than 1.2million barrels of oil per day, 600million cubic of gas per day but SHELL ensures that this figures are doctored on daily basis from UK.

According to him, "The production pressure which increases every now and then, is what SHELL describes as EXCESS CRUDE, but this wicked SPDC do not declare Excess Crude regularly since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office, because this Administration is fighting and exposing corruption, though Nigerians said they are not fighting corruption, but i am convinced that corruption is being exposed in Nigeria today, and many government officials are being careful. As a result of corruption fight in Nigeria today, SHELL has blatantly refused on many occasions to declare Excess Crude volume."

"All the IOCs in Nigeria is currently using digital DCS to ensure monitoring of crude and gas production from their various countries while the production is taken place in Nigeria."

"The Oil and Gas monopoly has a CABAL in the UK, Netherlands and Nigeria. The production statistics mitering company should be changed and be Investigated."

Land Grabbing MOU CSR Investigation

During the interview, Agi, also called on prospective IOCs or Indigenous Developing oil firm, to ensure that they deduct 20% of their gross payment to SHELL when purchasing SHELL on shore platforms in Nigeria.

According to him, "this is base on the call made by the CEO of SHELL that SHELL is preparing to divest from all Onshore sites in Nigeria due to oil theft but is a lie, the divestment is coming because SHELL has seen that Nigerian courts are slamming them with charges."

Agi also accused SHELL of receiving JVA Cash Call from the Federal Government without any positive impacts on ground in the Niger Delta Region," instead SHELL uses this fund to pay their Nigerian staff salaries, awards little minor contracts without execution to politicians to humble them to remain quiet, their staff award proxy contracts to their cronies."

Comtempt of Court

According to Agi, SHELL does not obey Nigerian court orders and processes because they have a CABAL that speaks for them if any president emerges.

He said," SHELL is not perturbed over Nigerian judiciary and extant laws of Nigeria. It is only this Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari that SHELL is loosing court cases and Communities getting good judgement, this is the reason SHELL wants to divest from Onshore."

IOCs Production Sharing Contracts Judgement

Agi said SHELL sponsored other IOCs against payment of the supreme court judgement on production sharing contracts. He said SHELL sponsored campaign of calumny against the dignity and integrity of Honorable Minister of Justice Attorney General Federation Abubakar Malami in respect to the 62 billion dollars recovery. The cacophony that transpired then, accusing the AGF of planning to take 5% of the money was sponsored by SHELL and their Nigerian oil production volume CABAL. But the AGF was innocent came from the allegations with flying colours.

30 Million Man Match Against SHELL To Divest From Nigeria

Agi, said Nigeria will experience rapid development if SHELL divest from Nigeria . Stressing that evidence against SHELL on courts processes is enough for Nigerian Government to eradicate SHELL out of Nigeria to ensure development in the country. But due to international treaties signed by SHELL and Nigerian Govt SHELL is taken Nigeria for a play. This is why we are calling for the 30million man match against SPDC to divest from Nigeria.

Lost of Focus From Nigerian Youths.

On lost of focus from Nigerian youths, Comrade Agi said : "The problems we have here is that Nigerian Youths are not interested in knowing their daily production volume of Oil and Gas but only focuses on the state governments and Federal govt failures while SHELL is the problems of Nigerian."

Base on this, Agi called for 30 million man match with T Shirts against SHELL stressing that SHELL must divest from Nigeria, or any international treaties between SHELL and Federal Government of Nigeria should be revisited with immediate effects, to ensure development in Nigeria, as SHELL has killed Nigeria planing for the Burial.

According to him, "On the 30 Million Man Match we shall obey all COVID-19 protocols. Any one without the T Shirt with the Logo SPDC must divest entirely from Nigeria won't be permitted to be on the train of the campaign. The campaign shall last for six months, starting from 8th/3/2021."

Agi, finally said that IOCs goes as far as paying to stop any media campaign against its operations in Nigeria, calling on media partnership on covering the 30Million Man Match Against SHELL to divest from Nigeria.

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