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Ndi Imo, See What To Recover From Okorocha And Family

By: Collins Opurozor 

1. The N59.6 billion taken from the local government system by Okorocha.

2. The Eastern Palm University built with Imo money but personalized by Okorocha. 

3. The N96 billion being the stolen portion of Imo's IGR for eight years.

4. N40 billion siphoned through the unexecuted 27 general hospitals projects.

5. The Old IBC premises at Orji.

6. The Nekede and Orji Mechanic Villages.

7. Also, vast expanse of land on the Sam Mbakwe Airport road was acquired by the Government for the purpose of attracting a Naval Base. 

8. The Adapalm in Ohaji which Okorocha said was leased out to investors and left in ruins till date.

9. Westbrook Hotels which was built by Okorocha's son-in-law, Uche Nwosu.

10. WODDI Wellness Center owned by Okorocha's wife, Nkechi, built on the former Imo State Secretariat Annex, a land forcefully acquired from the State by Uche Nwosu as Commissioner for Lands.

11. The Reach FM owned by Uche Nwosu, without any known legitimate means of owning such huge property.

12. The multi billion Naira Farmers Market built by Geraldine, Okorocha's sister, on a land belonging to the State. 

13. Over twenty-five plots State land acquired by Uche Nwosu upon which El Freeda Foundation was built. This is the Foundation through which billions of Naira have been laundered out of the State.

14. Extervia Mega Supermarket opposite Civic Center Estate owned by Ogechi Ololo, Okorocha's sister.

15. Municipal Plaza owned by Nkechi Okorocha built on a land forcefully acquired from a civil servant by Uche Nwosu.

16. Twitter Bites acquired by Geraldine Okorocha forcefully from Mr. Fans.

17. Spibat Estate most of which land was forcefully taken from Mbieri people by Okorocha.

18. House of Freeda Malls in Owerri, Abuja and Lagos built by Uloma, Uche Nwosu's wife.

19. A mighty poultry farm beside Shoprite owned by Uche Nwosu on a land forcefully acquired.

20. A probe into the JPROS financial

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