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I Still Knee and Submit to my Husband - Tanzanian Female President


New Tanzanian president, Samia Suluhu reveals that she's a submissive wife who still knees down to her husband even when she was a vice president.

Samia, who is the first female president of the East African country following the death of president John Mugufuli.

She says that traditions such as kneeling and submission to husbands, should not be thrown out as it strengthens family bond and ensures that the children are brought up with good manners.

‘Some of you will say we are equal in all aspects of society, No! That’s not the right position. Even as vice president, I will kneel before my husband. I don’t kneel because I am inferior, it’s because of love and affection.

I  her words: 'Don’t leave this tradition so we can strengthen the bond of our families and bring up our children through good manners.’

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