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Governor Umahi's Approach to Resolving Insecurity in The South East


The security situation in Nigeria, especially in the South East has become worrisome, enormous and embarrassing to the region. Tackling the insecurity situation in the South East has become the most important priority to all the state governors of the South East.

Chairman of the South East governors forum, Dr. David Nweze Umahi in addressing other South East states governors, highlighted on the needs to hasten, tighten and tackle insecurity facing the region, also disclosed that it is imperative to investigate and identify its source and cause.

The governor in a recent interview on Channels TV stated that insecurity is the number one priority before health and education because it is he who is alive that can talk about education. 

The insecurity in the south East has led to loss of lifes, jobs, properties and displaced lots of families. Making it paramount, knowing the source or cause, wider security intelligence is also required to be known to tackle it.

As advised and recommended by governor David Nweze Umahi, that a security outlet be launched to tackle and cripple the insecurity situation across the region, urging other state governors of the region to work in harmony to defeat the menace.

These led to the launch of 'EbubeAgu', a security outfit to protect the region from attacks, at a recent meeting  in Imo state, the state governors of the region all agreed to support and finance this new security outfit, in order to combat the insecurity situation.

Dr. David Nweze Umahi, also stated that the country is going into extreme politics because we have departed from the culture of hardwork and urged the nation to return to hard work and change the mind sets of aggrieved politicians and youths. He, also assures that measures have been put in place to ensure that 'EbubeAgu' security outfit will not be hijacked by politicians over time.

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