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The new Perception of Ebonyi People by Governor David Nweze Umahi


Sorry is the word used to describe a situation that cannot be helped, a situation that leads to cry, pity and all hopes have been dashed.

The state of Ebonyians has been the case of who will draw them out of the waters (darkness) into the land.

Growing up in Ebonyi State as a child to adulthood has been themed as 'hard labour' with little or no help from individuals or government to bring them out of the water. The ugly situation has also led to communities fighting against communities, brothers against brothers, villages against villages, elders against elders, chaos in the entire state with no direction.

Governor's have been assigned to govern the state since it's creation, given the full responsibility of drawing Ebonyians out of the water. They tried in their various capabilities to draw the people of Ebonyi State out of the water but what they did was not well known across the nation, till their tenures elapsed.

The sorry situation of Ebonyians were like people who have become aliens in a foreign land. Ebonyi State was a strange site to the world, without any form of good track records, no business opportunities, no jobs and any form of attraction, youths littered all over the country either known for stealing, Hawking across major roads in the country, exported as househelps or prostitutes. The misery of the people of Ebonyi State, their cry had reached a point that help was urgently needed to bring them out of the water and rescue them from suffering.

The perceptions of the rest of Nigerians about the people of Ebonyi State, even among the South East had reached the peak of discrimination of not even being an Igbo speaking state but an outcast.

There were lots of signs backing it up, like under-developement, poor education, poor health care, no access roads, no government presence, high death rate. These has been the sorry situation with no one to bring them out of their misery, no one to take the bold step, make sacrifices and bring them out of it.

With no governor willing to take the staff to change this sorry situations, sufferings and also empower them to empower others, equip them with skills.

Taking the people of Ebonyi State out of their misery, was no longer a thing to joke with because the population of Ebonyians began to grow more and more, other state citizens say that they are lazy and can't help themselves and have resulted to committing crime, causing nauseants and causing harm across the nation.

'Lazy Perception' by other citizens about the people of Ebonyi State, advising them to get to work, produce for themselves, help themselves and stop being beaten and disgraced across the country, urging them to be useful to themselves and help other state citizens. The citizens of Ebonyi State realized that they were in trouble and sort for opportunities, help to get out of the sorry situations.

'Slave Perception' of Nigerians about the people of Ebonyi State needed someone who will take out their yoke of suffering, bring them out of the water, slavery and redeem them with good education, government presence, good health care, good road access, low death rate, youth empowerment and infrastructural development. They needed a man who would take them by the hand, deliver and set them free from slavery, a lot was still being discouraged due to bad experience and wondered if there will ever be a person to do that because they were still under cruel bondage. There was a strong distinction between the people of Ebonyi State and other Nigerians.

'The Distinction Perceptions' which has penetrated the blood streams of other Nigerians towards Ebonyians, taking Ebonyi State citizens to be a small community and not willing to share resources with the people of the state. Signs like poor housing built in the state with no modern touch, sending someone on transfer to Ebonyi State was seen as punishment or a sign of rejection

Most people who reside in the state were usually citizens of the state, people who could cope with the ugly misery of the state, other parts of  Nigeria was not disposed to Ebonyians and will not give them what they requested for the betterness of the state and citizens. In years past, the people had leaders who would come, swear to bring them out of their misery situations with lips promise and no action to back it up. They yelled for a leader who would show them the light and make their salt tasteful, stop youths wondering across the country in confusion.

'Slave Service Perceptions' was accredited to the people of Ebonyi State because they are known to be engaged in linear jobs across the country. The youths of Ebonyi State have taken to other states to be employed as sales persons, hawkers, prostitutes and all kinds of dirty jobs for survival, which leads to their untimely death. Some of them say "it's better to be a slave or do dirty jobs than remain in the state and die of hunger and starvation". With no or little efforts of the government to look into this growing ugly situations, has led to high death rate of Ebonyi State youths across the country.

The people of Ebonyi State have always grumbled against nthe federal government because of their bitter experience which has led to their suffering and death, they needed healing from the government because they solely relied on the government, with no human capital development, if the government could not do it, then no one else can do it.

 Administrations have come and gone, doing little to help the ugly situations of Ebonyians, some leaving the state worse than they met it. 

The youths can't get up to find something creative to engage themselves in, no plans, no leader, no mentor and adviser to help put them right. The past administrations only came to gather as much as they needed, leavings little or no impact on the citizens of Ebonyi State.

'The New Perception'  only took a man to change and that was how the people of Ebonyi State was taken out of darkness and brought out of the water.

It only took a man , who has the fear and guidance of God, a man of integrity, deligence and prudence. The man, who knows how to use the staff in proper way to get the job delivered, the man who will lay his own will and do the will of the people, who knows much about sacrifice and benefits of sacrifice.

Since the assumption of His Excellency, Dr. David Nweze Umahi in 2015, the fortunes of the people of Ebonyi State has been changed forever. Their misery, suffering and ugly perception of Nigerians about Ebonyians has changed.

Under the adminstration of Dr. David Nweze Umahi, Ebonyi State has become the True Salt of the Nation, within the span of six (6) years, Ebonyians have been taken out of the deep waters, fortunes turned around for good, with infrastructural development, youth empowerment, good health care, education and security.

Governor David Nweze Umahi is a man of his word, with promises made while taking the leadership mantle of the state, the executive governor has delivered and still delivering on his promises, giving the people of Ebonyi State leaving outside the state the boost to return home and be involved in the massive transformation of the state.

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