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Birthday : Umahi’s Aide, Nwaze Francis Receives 'Beautiful Gift' From His Wife (Photos)

The Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State, Mr. Francis Nwaze has appreciated his wife for waking him up with a beautiful portrait.

In a message released to mark the birthday celebration, Nwaze also thanked his beautiful wife for the early morning surprise in-house party.

He also thanked his fans in the United Kingdom, especially his friend, Chinonso Ike for celebrating  2021 birthday with a free gift of N400,000 and encomium on his boss, Governor Umahi.

He revealed that he will use the money to do giveaway to his fans and supporters on his Facebook as a way of saying THANK YOU FOR always reading, commenting, liking, sharing my contents and most importantly, believing in him.

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HELLO WORLD : I Came , I Am Seeing , Conquering, Alive & Still Breathing In Progress - Umahi’s Aide, Nwaze Francis

~Thank you, my beloved wife, for the very beautiful portrait of myself which you woke me up with by midnight, I love it so much, I value it and you know I love you and my children from my heart. The early morning surprise in-house party courtesy of you is equally exceptional. I cannot thank you enough, the mother of my children and the love of my life.

~Thank you, my fans, in the UK, especially, Chinonso Ike for celebrating my 2021 birthday with a free gift of 400K and your encomium on my boss, the Governor, I will use it to do giveaway to my people here on Facebook as a way of saying THANK YOU FOR always reading, commenting, liking, sharing my contents and most importantly, believing in me.

I have just completed another circle of my life, a year older, a year greater, a year filled with the good, the bad and the beautiful, a year of transformative progression. An uncommon year that so many difficulties were made soft while many soft situations were perceived to be difficult but in all, I am alive, I am happy, I am better, growing, devouring, and learning new things.

I am usually emotional each time I complete a circle like this in my life - I do take off some time to think about life and all that is thereof, I mostly think of how I can give more to the world, I equally replay my past activities over the year. I do not give myself undo glory, I blame myself for my errors or where I go wrong, I query and fall out with myself on an event I feel I have gotten things wrong for I know that I am human, and human is infallible. 

In this just completed year, I know I have given back to society to the weight of which I can carry, I have empowered some youths and women with cash and other kinds of empowerment, and I am grateful that I am not regretting my modest efforts in this direction. Whatever I do now, I choose to do privately without a camera for I believe in God and in Him, everything is laid bare.

Now, we are focused on contributing everything within our ability in ensuring that the divine mandate Governor of my dear and beloved state, Engr. David Umahi, FNSE, FNATE is not distracted and that the message of development and transformations that have taken place in Ebonyi State within this short while are spread across the length and breadth of the country and beyond. I am a complete and dedicated partner for I identify with the good and exemplary leadership of which Governor Umahi is a shining example across the globe.

In the cause of doing my job, I have received several commendations. Friends and fans across the globe have always poured their encomium and it is one, among other things that have kept me going without looking back.

Just yesterday, my friend and schoolmate back then in Anambra State University, now Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University by name Chinonso Ike from Anambra State inbox me through my Facebook messenger but I never received the notification as he has not been my friend but my follower, it was good that I checked my message requests and was able to attend to it. We exchanged pleasantries and remembered how we did it then while in school, it was a good time then as we had always had our heads up in hope that we will get somewhere, someday. He told me how he had followed my timeline quietly and how he is in love with what is happening in Ebonyi State under Governor Umahi, how he was amazed the last time he was in Ebonyi and how he would want to have land in Ebonyi State as a city that is becoming the desire of all. He equally told me that he got a throwback post on my birthday and asked me to furnish him with my account details for immediate transfer of the sum of 400k to celebrate the Governor's ingenuity, my birthday and to encourage me for my consistency and uncommon efforts in publishing the happenings in Ebonyi, without it they would not have followed up on the uncommon transformations. In joy, I furnished him with my SAs account details, and he immediately fulfilled his promise. I told him I was going to share it with my people here on Facebook and he obliged with a note that the money is now mine and that I can do anything I want with it.

 I appreciate you my friend and contact from Anambra, your commendation is welcomed, appreciated and my birthday is already made by you and my fans in the UK.

To you my followers across the globe, we have got this 400k, it is with us and it is now ours, we will use it to solve few minor but serious problems, we will do data subscription and we will equally do a direct transfer to accounts. This money is strictly for our followers here, in the selection process, it will be an added advantage that you share this post for in the days and weeks ahead, we shall commence the process and distribution of this our gift to the lucky ones, knowing that it can't go round but we will do our best to ensure that it is used to solve some pressing issues.

In happiness and grateful heart to you all, I wish myself a Happy Birthday.

Francis Nwaze

Special Assistant to the Governor 

(Media and Publicity)

May 25, 2021

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