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Governor Umahi's Massive Grassroot Developments


In Nigeria, the image of a politician is known for one who enriches himself, friends, family, wears the best of suits, drives the best of cars, lives in the best of houses, promising his citizens heaven before taking the mantle of leadership and after that, takes the rewards of governance to himself and crovies.
Thou; the current administration of Governor David Nweze Umahi have proven that wrong over the course of Massive Goodwill at the Grassroots, it will be so wrong to look away, unfair to write off, shy away from the current projects done by Governor Umahi, sending strong waves across every area of the state, with school projects, hospitals, good roads, infrastructures, youth empowerment and basic amenities to the least rural community of Ebonyi state.
Being a man, who is focused, deliberate and aware of the problems facing the grassroots of Ebonyi state, before making promises while campaigning to lead the affairs of the state in 2015. 

Governor David Nweze Umahi set his compass right, his navigation on a smooth sail to deliver on the promises, confronted the issues from the head and took it by the horn.

Governor Umahi who grew through the political ranks within the state, established himself as the best governor in the Nigeria, South East and not just Ebonyi state, driven by passion and conviction on Grassroot Development.

Umahi's administration created a new way of doing things, demonstrated with Churchillian indomtability, an atmosphere that reassures his people on the promises of his goodwill at the grassroots, with responsive leadership.

Knowing the importance of keeping promises, governor David Nweze Umahi has never shyed away from addressing the burning will, request, issues of the grassroots like other leaders, who will look beyond them and focus only the state capital. T

a look across Ebonyi state, you can proudly point at not just projects but major projects at the grassroots being completed or still under construction by governor Umahi.

One thing that is very clear for the citizens of Ebonyi state is that governor David Nweze Umahi has painstakingly established himself and built a very close bond between his administration and grassroots across the state.
It is said, no action stems from a vaccum. Which validates the Newton law of motion, that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.

It is with keen interest, that I acknowledge the  massive Grassroot Developments of Governor David Nweze Umahi , not hidden from the common man or citizen across the state, with great admiration and smile.

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