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REVEALED!!! How Indorama Petrochemical Fertiliser Company Is Making Over N2 Billion Every Three Days Without The Knowledge Of FG

... As Comrade Agi Calls for the immediate arrest of the M/D CEO Marnish Mundra of Indorama Petrochemical Fertiliser Company 

... Petitions EFCC and and AGF 

The National Coordinator of Niger Delta  IOCs Investigations, Comrade Agi Bestman has accused Indorama Petrochemical Fertiliser Company of making over N2 Billion naira every three days without the knowledge Of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration. 

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Comrade Agi called on the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, the Attorney General Of the Federation Abubakar Malami, SAN who doubles as Honourable Minister of Justice to urgently set up a committee to investigate Indorama Petrochemical Fertilizer Company in Rivers State Nigeria.


Comrade Agi said Indorama Petrochemical Fertilizer Company laid a pipe from Nigeria Agip Oil Company Flow Station in OB OB Omoku Gas Plant to Port Harcourt, precisely with 16" gauge Gas pipe from OB OB Omoku to Ndorama  company yard in Port Harcourt Rivers State.

According to Comrade Agi, "Nigerian Agip Oil Company has been supplying gas to Indorama since 2016 till date, directly to Indorama company yard in Port Harcourt." 

"It is painful to note that despite the Economic challenges facing  Nigeria, a company is short changing Nigeria through illegal extraction of Natural Gas on daily basis without paying Royalties to Federal Government Of Nigeria on monthly basis. The volume of gas being extracted on daily basis in Indorama yard in Port Harcourt stands unknown, not quantified, no meter gauge, no metering company. What a hell of Economic sabotage by an Indian company in Nigeria."

"This is a company that makes over two billion  naira every three (3)  days from sells of Nigerian Natural Gas, while Nigerians are looking for food to eat, boys are on the streets committing all kind of crimes, some calling for separation as a result of poverty."

"Many production factories are buying raw materials for their productions services from Indorama, which is the raw materials coming from the natural Gas Agip is supplying to Indorama on daily basis, through the Gas pipe laid from OB OB Omoku flow station to Ndorama yard in Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria."

Speaking further, Comrade Agi Bestman questioned the reason the Federal Government of Nigeria is borrowing money while Nigerian natural resources is excess?

He said the production volume of Oil and Gas in Nigeria if ascertained is excess but he is surprised that the Federal government is finding it difficult to swing into actions and stop the infractions from all the IOCs that has planned to impoverish Nigeria. 

Comrade Agi pleaded with the EFCC Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa and AGF, Abubakar Malami to order for immediate closure of the pipe supplying gas and shut down the Indorama operations in Rivers State pending when  Nigeria Agip Oil company and Indorama clear the air.

 Agi appeals to AGF and EFCC Chair to initiate a new paradigm of investigations over this illegal Gas extraction, possibly arrest the Managing Director (MD) Mr Marnish Mundra of Indorama Petrochemical Fertilizer Company of Nigeria.

247REPORTERSTV recalls that the Chairman of Indorama Cooperation, Sri Prakash Lohiacame to Nigeria between in 2015 for the inauguration of 1.5billion dollars projects.

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