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Ebonyi PDP: Only Good At Ignominious Press-Briefings Aimed At Distracting The Public Peace

Press Release 

Our attention has been drawn to a jaundiced Press Briefing titled "Political intolerance, proliferation of arms and general insecurity in Ebonyi State: a stitch in time saves nine" by the remnants of the House of Saul, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ebonyi State.

In the kindergarten vituperative rant, the vestige of the once populous Party laid spurious allegations against the Governor and the Government of Ebonyi State bothering on security and sundry matters.

We would have chosen to overlook the diversionary lies but a clarification has become imperative to insulate the wheat from the tares.

First, the authors of this brute lie accused the Ebonyi State Government of instigating communal crises in some parts of the State.

Without joining issues, we wish to make it categorically clear that the Ebonyi State Government or its Agencies at no point condescended such low to enthrone Internal crises in the State, rather, the Governor and Government have been working round the clock to recover the State from the perpetual restiveness planted by members of the PDP for which Ebonyi State Government has duly notified the relevant security apparatus including the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigeria Armed Forces. 

We want to put it on record that the Ebubeagu Security outfit is a Security outfit backed by law that is complementing the conventional Security Agencies in protecting the lives and property of aboriginals and settlers of the South East Zone.

The Security outfit particularly in Ebonyi State has been very effective in recording some notable groundbreaking successes in the business of ridding the State of criminalities.

The recruitment process and mode of operation of the Security outfit are clearly defined by the Laws establishing it in the various States of the South East Zone.

It is therefore erroneous for the authors to allege that the operation of the Ebubeagu Security outfit is shrouded in secrecy when the Outfit has for weeks been advertising for recruitment of a Commander both on Radio, Television and New Media.

Another false news from the abyss is the allegation by those who darken counsel without knowledge that the Ebonyi State Government has established special detention centers in the state, where kidnapped political opponents are kept and tortured in the name of “interrogation”. 

The Ebonyi State Government is neither in the business of kidnapping nor has ever contemplated establishing detention centers for whatever reason.

We want to remind Ebonyians that the attack on one Amos Ogbonnaya referenced by the authors is in the public knowledge that it was carried out by the PDP for engaging in anti-party activities after he had been handsomely motivated to follow them to their Political wilderness but they have chosen to accuse the State Government of that to divert attention.

Overall, the ignominious Press Briefing was aimed at beclouding the Political space with fake news and distracting the purposeful governance of the APC-led administration in the State.

We, therefore, urge Ebonyians and the reading public to disregard the lone voice of the PDP which is but the last kick of a dying horse.

Be rest assured that the Ebonyi State Government is committed to the security of lives and property of all citizens including the few opposition elements in the State.

Francis Nwaze

Special Assistant to the Governor

(Media and Publicity)

August 2, 2021.

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