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We have come across a publication in some parts of the media credited to an alleged group of Ebonyi State indigenes under the auspices of the Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Diaspora (AESID) senselessly accusing Governor David Nweze Umahi of turning Presbyterians against the members of the Catholic Church in the State.

In the publication said to be authored by the Purported National President of the ghost group, Paschal Oluchukwu, accused the Governor of illegally donating King David University of Medical Sciences Uburu to the Catholic Church.

The publication read in part    “if the situation is not properly managed it could lead to animosity between the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, who had claimed ownership of the new varsity, and the Catholic Church.”

From the foregoing, we have decided to make few clarifications to guide some rational readers to understand the kindergarten state of minds of the perennial accusers of the Governor.

First, the King David University of Medical Sciences Uburu is a brand new one-of its kind University conceived and constructed by the administration of Engineer David Umahi.

Second, the University in no way had link(s) with the Presbyterian Church or any other religious denomination before its handover to the Catholic Church.

Third, if one can build, then he can hand over that which he has built to whoever he willingly chooses. Therefore, Governor Umahi is not by any means causing animosity between the Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church, rather it is the Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Diaspora (AESID) if, at all it exists, that is trying to cause bad blood between the sister denominations.

However, what Governor Umahi deserves for this bold step is plaudit and not sarcasm knowing that the decision was taken to Fastrack educational Development of the State.

This can be seen in the Governor's speech while announcing the handover during the Episcopal Ordination and installation of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Nworie Chukwu as the 3rd Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki on Thursday, August 19, 2021 “the contributions of the church to the Educational Development of Nigeria is unparalleled and for this, I, on behalf of the State wish to give the King David University of Medical Sciences Uburu to the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria to own and run.”

This, the Governor clarified was to enhance academic excellence and effective management as evidenced in other Institutions already being managed by the Catholic Church like the Technical Schools which have turned to centres of excellence.

If the group hiding under the cloak of Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Diaspora are not up for mischief, they should have at least commended the Governor for proving wrong the naysayers who had speculated that the Governor will privatize the institution to himself.

This shows that the Governor is truly sincere in his quest to ensure effective management of the Institution.

Let it be known by the general public that the procedure for official handover of the institution will be followed, which include acceptance by the church, coming to  terms and conditions of the handover which is between the state government and the Church and approval of the State House of Assembly. 

The General Public are advised to disregard the allegations by the ghost Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Diaspora which only exist in the mindset of never do wells whose stock-in-trade is unjustifiable and serial accusations of Ebonyi State Government.

Francis Nwaze

Special Assistant to the Governor

(Media and Publicity)

August 23, 2021.

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