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Uburu Youths Give Chika Nwoba 48hrs To Provide Evidence Of Gov. Umahi Giving Them Contracts

A professional group, Uburu Youth Forum  as given one Nwoba Chika Nwoba 48 hours to provide evidence that Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State has been giving them contracts with over 200% profit or he will be dragged to court.

In a statement made available to 247REPORTERSTV by Mr. Nwabueze Edward (President), Comr. Christopher Ugama (Secretary), Mr. Akpa Peter Obasi (Treasurer), Barr. Francisco Enyi (Legal Adviser), the group said Nwoba has been sowing a seed of discord, disaffection, and bad blood between the youths of Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area and other communities in Ebonyi State. 

The group accused Nwoba of speaking with both sides of his mouth and equally alerted Security Operatives to awaken the law on fake news on him to serve as a deterrent to others who are intending to publish fake news in the state.

The statement reads, 

"All things being equal, we would have taken the mischievous posts as the official position of the opposition People's Democratic party, bearing in mind that the author is her spokesperson but for the recent constant intake of Methamphetamine (Mkpuru Mmiri) and other hard drugs by some youths coupled with the glaring directionless and unstable character of the young Chika, we have already marked him as a social misfit who is massively unfit to represent any organization; hence we have freely elected to state as follows:"

"That Nwoba Chika Nwoba, without doubt, failed from carrying out his duties as the spokesperson of one of the opposition political parties in Ebonyi State, who speaks with both sides of his mouth, a neophyte in party politics who knows nothing about what speaking for a state political party entails. If not, how will Nwoba fabricate a non-existing story of the state government grouping Uburu youths in 20s and offering them a contract sum of N300m in a job that costs N100m? in truth, how possible is this? Where does such a contract exist in Ebonyi? Is it this same Ebonyi that all contracts are published in national dailies? By implication, Nwoba is saying that if 100 of Ndi Uburu youths have been offered a contract in the total of say N1.5b, then, N1b has been freely given to the said Ndi Uburu while N500m is the actual cost of the contract. The above means that in each contract that is handled by an Uburu youth, he/she gets N10m from it, and over 100 Ndi Uburu have done such jobs and overtime, gotten multiple millions, going by his position."

"This is without doubt, the height of falsehood, fake news, and total confrontation on the sensibility of Ndi Ebonyi in general. Truly, if anyone believes this junk, the person can as well believe that water is blood."

"Based on available information, the procedure for awarding contracts in Ebonyi State remains in the open for public consumption and never a private or secret arrangement. The Ebonyi State official website is available to the public to peruse and see the financial transactions of the state. It is equally in the public knowledge that the Ebonyi State Governor has won several awards for being transparent, prudent in his financial management, and this he has confirmed on several occasions where he explained that the profit margin in executing contracts in Ebonyi State does not go beyond 10% as against the 200% alleged by Nwoba."

"Based on the foregoing, we call on Mr. Nwoba Chika to immediately avail to the public, names and contracts executed by Ndi Uburu with over 200% profit as alleged by him and this should be done within the next 48 hours or have the Uburu Youths Forum to contend with. Our legal team shall be in waiting for this clarification."

"While waiting for the proof, we call on the public to ignore the hate speech, fake news by the  spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State and treat such as another falsehood from the pit of hell and an attempt to cause bad blood between communities in Ebonyi State."

"While we want to use this medium to thank the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Umahi, for running an all-inclusive government, devoid of segregation or discrimination of any clan, community, or zone, we urge him to remain focused and continue to deliver dividends of democracy across all and sundry as he has been doing."

"We equally draw the attention of security agencies to this malicious, inciting fake news that has been published by Mr. Nwoba and urge them to immediately awaken the Ebonyi State law on fake news on him to serve as a deterrent to others who are intending to publish fake news in the state."

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