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Ebonyi Roads, Solid As Rock Of Gibraltar : The Umahi's Magic

By Francis Nwaze

It was Rosalynn Carter who once said and I quote “a leader takes people where they want to go but a great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be”

Based on the above denominator, Governor David Umahi as part of his campaign manifestoes during the 2015 general elections promised to bequeath roads that will be as smooth as “mat” if elected in the polls to Ebonyians.

This genuine desire to construct world standard roads for the citizenry of Ebonyi State among other mouth-watering promises jointly convinced the good people of the State to vote massively for him in the 2015 Governorship election hence his landslide victory.

Upon swearing-in as the third civilian Governor of the State on May 29th, 2015, Governor Umahi like a child on a mission hit the ground running by introducing an uncommon road construction technology, the 8-inches concrete pavement, and coincidentally embarked on the construction of 13km of roads in each of the 13 Local Government Areas in line with the new road technology prevalent in the Arab nations. 

Six years down the line, virtually all the roads within the Abakaliki Capital City and other internal roads in various Council Areas of the State have been completely reconstructed and have already been put to use by the road users.

Apart from the various rural roads that have been constructed and reconstructed across the State, virtually all roads within the Abakaliki Capital City and its environs that were generally in sorry State have been reconstructed in 8-inches rigid thickness with durable enough to last for over 50 years.

All over the State, testimonies abound how the revolution in the road technology has further transformed the transport sector such that transporters now only visit mechanic sites occasionally for minor servicing and maintenance of their vehicles and not necessarily to fix breakdown as a result of bad terrain of the roads.

Ebonyi State that was hitherto virulently addressed as the “dust of the nation” by our traducers has become a brand name in the discourse of sophisticated road construction in Nigeria such that motorists no longer have need going to car wash except going to greet their old friends.

Also, the rate of road mishaps has reduced drastically across the State such that throughout the yuletide of 2020 and the immediate past 2021, there was only a pocket hand of road accident within the State Capital as against what it hitherto was courtesy of the durable and motorable road infrastructure of the Governor David Nweze Umahi led administration.

More so, the rate of unemployment among employable youths has further reduced in the State as most graduates of Engineering and related Discipline from the State have been gainfully engaged in the direct labour execution of the new found concrete road technology while the business also thrives in the state as the transportation system of the state has improved. 

Above all, Ebonyi State has finally become the center of attraction as sister States now look up to the State for emulation of the unique road construction technique to enable them to bequeath enduring roads to their citizens. 

Pointedly, the massive road construction by the Umahi’s administration has further opened up various parts of the State especially the rural areas for more business and agricultural harnessing.

In the last count, the Umahi’s administration has completed the construction of over 600 roads of varying lengths across the 13 Local Government Areas all in concrete pavement.

Today, the Umahi’s administration in partnership with the African Development Bank has started the construction of the 198-kilometer Abakaliki Ring road project in concrete pavement to connect the benefitting 8 Local Government Areas to the grid of development.

 These entirely have further portrayed Governor David Nweze Umahi as a great leader and a dependable promise keeper having promised Ebonyians a massive road network in which smoothness would be comparable to the mat and has worked hard to deliver the same in quality and quantity.

No wonder, well-meaning  Ebonyians, and Nigerians, in general, are massively in support of Governor Umahi to contest the Presidency of Nigeria come 2023 to enable him to deploy his engineering aptitude in the overhaul of our nation Nigeria.

The truth is that in line with the saying by Rosalynn Carter that a leader takes people where they want to go but a great leader takes them where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be, Ebonyians genuinely needed good roads but no one ever envisaged use of cement in the construction of roads before the breakthrough by Governor Umahi hence the reason he should be variously commended for his trailblazing profligacy which has further lifted Ebonyi higher in development index in the Country.

This is the reason Ndigbo should jealously guard the rare proclivity in Governor Umahi and market same for export to the Nation’s seat of power come 2023 for Nigeria genuinely needs Umahi to be great again.

Francis Nwaze Is The Special Assistant To The Governor Media and Publicity

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