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Minister Of Mines And Steel Development, Adegbite Urges Other Governors To Emulate Umahi In Achieving More With Little

Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State, on Friday, received the Honourable Minister for Mines and Steel Development, Architect Olamilekan Adegbite at Government House, Abakaliki.

Speaking during a Dinner with the Minister and his team, Governor Umahi applauded him for professionalism in the discharge of his duties.

He commended him for spearheading the siting of some Frontline projects of the Ministry in Ebonyi State and assured of continued partnership for the overall development of Ebonyi State and Nigeria at large.

"You are a very likable fellow and a very practical person, I want to thank you for siting a number of your projects in Ebonyi State, it takes someone like you for the projects to be growing the way it is growing in Ebonyi State, I have always been skeptical about Federal Ministry projects but this one is very different and I have to commend you very highly.

Governor Umahi also called on leaders at all levels to always exhibit high-level patriotism in the business of governance to secure a better future for the Nation.

"I talk about patriotism, it is very important, it doesn't matter where you come from, I have always boasted that I have gotten something from those who are not from my region than those from my region and I have seen that in you."

He appealed to the Minister to strive to revive the Ajaokuta Steel plant under his Ministry for economic diversification of the Country.

"I have hope that with you notwithstanding all kinds of politics that we face in this country against our progress that you will make a difference in this Ajaokuta, I know you can do that and I know that Mr. President listens to you."

Earlier, the Minister thanked Governor Umahi for the warm reception accorded to him and his team and eulogized the mammoth achievements in the State courtesy of Governor Umahi's administration.

"This is my first time in Ebonyi State, in my private sector life, I am an Architect and a builder but despite not having come to Ebonyi State, it is often about the work and the Governor that we have here, this guy stands a head above shoulders among his peers, especially in the South East, I am not disappointed especially because this also my profession, coming to Ebonyi State, sincerely, the thing that is marveling apart from the extent of the work, you ask yourself, how is the Governor getting the money.

"I looked at the extent of the work, concrete roads almost everywhere, flyover bridges everywhere and all those infrastructural projects and I asked where is the money coming from but today when we went round the town, I was further amazed, I did not see any expatriate, apart from the extent of the work, what is most marveling is the way these projects are executed.

"I think one legacy you are bequeathing to this State is knowledge because I believe that with what you have done  here, you can export contractors to any other parts of this Country, this is an excellent thing and I think other Governors all over the Country can emulate this, how do we achieve more with less.

"Today, I went to the Airport, that is another complex project, we drove a kilometer or two on the runway and I was looking at the quality of the concrete and not just the quality, I was looking for flaws and I couldn't find anyone, marveling at this work, sincerely you have done very well for your people."

The Honourable Minister also urged Governor Umahi to endeavor to groom successors to ensure continuity and maintenance of the wonderful achievements of his administration.

"But sincerely Sir, for these projects to endure, you have to groom successors, I pray and hope that whoever follows you as the next Governor of Ebonyi State would have been properly groomed that he would continue in your pace, expand these roads, maintain them, especially those structures, we went to the Medical School, fantastic building, glittering but they are new, the next Governor must have the same commitment to making sure that these things are sustained, we need money but beyond the money, he will need to be focused, so it also behooves the Governor to groom people who can succeed him and that would be wonderful for people of Ebonyi State."

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