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BREAKING!!! Anyim, Okorie Fight Dirty Over Guber Ticket As Anyim Slaps Okorie, Orders Him Out Of His Abuja Home

By Ignatus Ademola

There is currently major disagreement between the former secretary to the government of the federation, Anyi Pius Anyim, and the immediate past OHANIVO Federal House of Representatives, Linus Okorie over the handling of the state party through his brother who is allegedly foisted to the state party as her Chairman, Tochukwu Okorie.

This allegedly gathered to have occurred on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, in the Abuja home of the former Secretary to Government of the Federation.

An eyewitness, Princess Stella, narrated to us that the trouble started immediately Okories supported the signing of the zoning arrangement to a particular clan and a particular person which till now is yet to pick the Gubernatorial Ticket of the Party by the Ebonyi State publicity secretary of the Party, a move which did not go down well with Pius Anyim and his group. Anyim confronted Okorie, querying the reason behind the secrete zoning of the party gubernatorial ticket against Obinna Ogba and some other stakeholders of the party, he explained to Linus that it was a plan in futility as his opinion should be sought before such action will be taken to the extent of putting it up to the public. Anyim maintained that he is a major stakeholder of the party in the state, has spent heavily in the party, and deserves to be consulted on such ground. He expressed bitterness that Linus Okorie could start in such a direction, using his brother against the stakeholders of the state. “Do you know how many years I have been in politics; how could you take a decision involving who will fly the Guber ticket of our party through your brother without involving me? Is this how you want to use Tochukwu your brother to run our party? 

While Anyim was still speaking, Linus Okorie interjected him, referring to him as sounding ‘stupidly’ and like ‘a broken bottle’, he further tried to explain that he came to intimate him on that particular purpose and other matters of the party, but Anyim was already infuriated by the name-calling by the former lawmaker and he rose from his seat and slapped him. 

In retaliation, Linus angrily headed for the mirror in the living room, clashed it to pieces on the floor, and headed for Anyim before neighbors gathered. Anyim insisted that Linus and Tochukwu must leave his house immediately.

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