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A few hours ago, an intelligence report got to us on how rodents have fully taken over major offices in the Ultra-Modern Party Office of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ebonyi State. 

According to the report, all other offices safe from the hall used sometimes for meetings or events have been is now occupied by rats, rabbits, lizards, and cockroaches.

The information has it that the party has been in shambles since the junior players temporally cornered the 2023 tickets in their favor. The part has been abandoned as no one is in charge, including the party house. As it is now, nothing is functioning, all officers of the party are operating from their homes and we the stakeholders and party faithful are abandoned in the middle of the road.

Passing through the party office located along the Abakaliki-Enugu expressway will confirm this story as the sorry state of the structure is tearing and an ayesore – neither replacement of the torn flags of the party nor repainting of the structure has been done in the past two years. Anyone who knows what the party office represents before now will only pity what the class of people heading the party has become. “Our offices are not maintained, no one pays us, we are merely suffering and smiling and this is strange. 

“Take a look at the office, it has been taken over by rodents, it’s only the hall that they usually bring people to clean whenever they want to meet here. Truthfully, nothing is happening there.

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